Thursday, November 26, 2015

well hello there

Welcome to my very first blog post!  I am so excited to finally be sharing my blog with you. I have put in many days and hours working on this blog, getting it ready for you guys to enjoy viewing. I've had an interest in starting a blog up for about two years and now I have created the actual product of my thoughts.

I have always found solace in all things beauty, design,and motivation/spirituality and that is exactly what I will be sharing here, among other things. I will be putting up new content as much as I can.

Please keep in
mind that this is very new to me and somethings are not final, such as, the tabs in the navigation bar (except for home) are not linked to anything yet because there are no posts to put in them yet, lol!

However, I am very excited to get this going! All of the love and support is welcome. Please feel free to navigate through the website. If you have any suggestions, comments, or questions you can submit your message through my contact page located just on the right.