Wednesday, December 2, 2015

pop of pink

 It is already the month of December and it still isn't cold in the city of Atlanta! There is about two weeks left until the winter season begins. Usually, I would say I hope you're prepared for the cold front that is "supposed to be" approaching. However, considering the way that the weather has been going since the beginning of autumn, I wouldn't be certain on giving that advice at this time. On average, the days have been comfortable, where its not too hot or not too cold or maybe just a slight sunshine trying to peak out through the dull, cloudy sky which inspires this look.

Grays, neutrals, and pink! If you think you can't combine neutral colors, I'm here to tell you, YOU CAN! However.... You must do it correctly. I achieved this look by pairing very similar gray hues on the bodice (top and bottom) and sealed it with my khaki/nude trench coat (which is light-weight) and floppy hat. The hat gave the outfit more definition and shape since the coat is not worn in a fitted manner. 

When you pair neutral colors together, sometimes you can look bland, which is why I opted to accessorize with my bright pink shoes, detailed with gold studs. At times it is an even better option to pair the color of your accessory with another, for instance, a bag or lip color. Even though you aren't able to see it, I chose to do a subtle, glossy pink lip. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and keep my tips in mind the next time you wear a neutral outfit!